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Make your voice be heard all across the globe

Marchand Translations

We are a company based in San Diego, California offering services all around the world.

Marchand Translations has a wide variety of language skill sets, from Spanish to Portuguese, and from Japanese to Thai. We have expert translators and transcriptionists who can handle documents, recordings, speeches, lectures and much more.

Our experts can also subtitle or caption your audio or video resources for any broadcast, online or social media platform.


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We transcribe everything from interviews to depositions, focus groups to podcasts and any audio or video recording. Transcribers with native fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai and Japanese will be paired with your recordings to deliver accurate transcripts in no time at all.


We offer professional translation services in different areas, such as legal, medical, education, certificates and much more. Our team of specialist translators has years of experience in their field and we are proud to deliver high quality and expedite translations. 

Subtitles and CC

Our team of specialist subtitlers and closed caption editors is here to help you with accurate, high-quality subtitles, no matter the format or standards you are working in. Our services range from simple burnt-in subtitles and audio description to complex forced narratives and dialogue lists that meet all broadcast industry standards.

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