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Writing Review

I will help you find your unique voice, establish clear thoughts, support your perspective and reflect the true you in your narration.

Essay Review

Are you stuck on how to improve your writing? No need to worry! My Writing Services provides professional review services to help you reach your goals. You'll get personalized advice every step of the way. Take your writing to the next level !


First Review: $0.04 per word.

Second Review: $0.02 per word.


1 - Provide your work on a word document via email or weTransfer

2 - I provide a first set of corrections and send the document back to you ($0.04 per word)

3 - Apply suggestions at your discretion

4 - If you want a second review, I can provide a second review ($0.02 per word) and I will send the document back to you

** Additional reviews can be provided

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My Credits

I have taught Creative Writing at a High School and University level. I am an award-winner writer with experience in Copywriting, Proofreading and Review.

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